Horace, Odes 1.22

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read in the restored pronunciation of classical Latin by Robert P. Sonkowsky:

Integer vītae scelerisque pūrus


nōn eget Maurīs iaculīs neque arcū


nec venēnātīs gravidā sagittīs,


     Fusce, pharetrā,




sīve per Syrtīs iter aestuosās


sīve factūrus per inhospitālem


Caucasum vel quae loca fābulōsus


     lambit Hydaspēs.




namque mē silvā lupus in Sabīnā,


dum meam cantō Lalagēn et ultrā


terminum cūrīs vagor expedītīs,


     fūgit inermem;




quāle portentum neque mīlitāris


Dauniās lātīs alit aesculētīs


nec Iubae tellūs generat, leōnum


     ārida nūtrīx.




pōne mē pigrīs ubi nūlla campīs


arbor aestīvā recreātur aurā,


quod latus mundī nebulae malusque


     Iuppiter urget;




pōne sub currū nimium propinquī


sōlis in terrā domibus negātā:


dulce rīdentem Lalagēn amābō,


     dulce loquentem.



The man of upright life and pure from wickedness, O Fuscus
has no need of the Moorish javelins or bow, or quiver loaded
with poisoned darts. Whether he is about to make his journey
through the sultry Syrtes, or the inhospitable Caucasus, or
those places which Hydaspes, celebrated in story, washes.
For lately, as I was singing my Lalage, and wandered beyond
my usual bounds, devoid of care, a wolf in the Sabine wood
fled from me, though I was unarmed: such a monster, as
neither the warlike Apulia nourishes in its extensive woods,
nor the land of Juba, the dry nurse of the lions, produces. Place
me in those barren plains, where no tree is refreshed by the
genial air; at that part of the world, which clouds and an inclement
atmosphere infest. Place me under the chariot of the
too neighbouring sun, in a land deprived of habitations;
[there] will I love my sweetly-smiling, sweetly-speaking

transl. C. Smart -T. Buckley

This selection is an excerpt from the recording "Selections from Catullus and Horace", Audio Forum, Madison, CT 06443, with the kind permission of the publisher. For further information, click here


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